Tallahassee Percocet Addiction Treatment

Tallahassee Percocet addiction treatment centers are dedicated to methodically treating addicts who fall into addiction to Percocet. Percocet is a commonly prescribed brand name drug and is normally prescribed for the relief of pain. Its composition is that of acetaminophen and oxycodone. Over a period of time, continued use causes permanent damage to chemical processes and tolerance develops. There becomes an ever-increasing need for more and larger quantities of the drug to be consumed.

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Signs of Addiction

Behavior signs include a notable preoccupation with the drug of choice and obtaining refills of the medication. Doctor shopping is a common term related to prescription drug abuse that describes the need to continually get new prescriptions to maintain a supply of drugs. The only other option is to purchase Percocet on the street.

Physical signs may include short-lived euphoria, exhaustion, a pointed drowsy state, and flu-like symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Psychologically, addicts are likely to exhibit severe mood swings, depressive symptoms, manic episodes, and at times, psychotic behavior. It is possible that the individual may also develop a secondary form of mental illness or disorder.

The impact of Percocet on a user's health is noted as mental lapses, weight loss, lack of appropriate auto-immune response, and loss of appetite. Dire symptoms include: Depressed respiratory function, a distressed central nervous system, overdose, and death.


The treatment center will begin a regimen of care focused on weaning the patient from the addicted drug; in this instance, Percocet. Withdrawal is managed in an inpatient setting through medication to ease the associated symptoms. Detox is supervised by staff medical personnel. Replacement drugs are utilized to taper the patient off of Percocet in a paced manner. This is important as an abrupt halting of use can cause complications to arise.

Treatment continues through courses of professional counseling. Counseling is accomplished on an individual basis as well as in group sessions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy programs are then introduced to summarize the patient's needs in terms of any past trauma, family and social dysfunction, and the negative cognitive effects of the addiction.

Explore your options for treatment call drug addiction centers in Tallahassee. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://naflorida.org/meetings/) for more support.

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